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Alter do Chão,

The village of Alter do Chao enjoys a lovely location amid lush vegetation above the Tapajós River. The small settlement consists of rustic native cottages dotting the fringe of a tropical forest. Thanks to its beautiful sandy beach and the river's amazingly clear water, Alter do Chao has become a popular local weekend resort.

During the ship’s call, take the tender ashore and enjoy a refreshing swim or explore the small village. The Arariba Art Store has a good selection of indigenous art and crafts; many of the items are from the now closed museum. A number of stalls and street vendors offer local souvenir items.

Pier Information

The ship is scheduled to be at anchor. Guests will be taken ashore via the ship's tenders to the local jetty. The village can be reached on foot. Walking distance is about 500 yards, partially through sand.


An open-air display and stalls offer Indian and regional wares. More upscale items can be found at the Arariba Art Shop. The local currency is the real. Most vendors accept US dollars (smaller denominations come in handy).


Alter do Chao is primarily known for its gleaming white beach and extraordinary clear, fresh water. It is the only such place in the Amazon region, making it ideal for swimming. There are no facilities at the beach, so come ashore in your beach attire and don't forget sunscreen. Towels will be supplied from the ship.

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Alter do Chão,