Voyage Journal 7106 Day 13


Day 13 - March 15, 2011 - At sea

By Robin Aiello, Marine Biologist

Co-ordinates: 42º39’S 16º23’W
Weather: Rainy, foggy and rough seas

Our third day at sea – we should be well and truly rested by now!

In many ways it was better to be inside today rather than outside, given that it was raining the whole day with sustained winds of about 35 – 40knots. But fortunately, we were pretty much running with the weather, so the ship did not rock and roll too much – either that, or we have all gotten our sea legs by now.

As usual, the day was full of onboard activities, starting with a lecture by our guest lecturer David Guggenheim entitled “Beneath the Deadliest Catch – the view from 2,000 feet below the Bering Sea”. This was a fascinating lecture about his exploration of the deep seas with a variety of submersibles that he pilots himself. How amazing – I want to do that!!!

He showed us video footage of some of the fish and animals that he saw – several unidentified species that had never been seen before. He also highlighted just how little we know about the seep sea.

Directly after the lecture, Marcus the Executive Chef, invited everyone into the Panorama Lounge for a casual presentation about the ‘Behind the Scenes’ workings of the Hotel Department. Amongst many other things, he talked about how they calculate what supplies need to be ordered, and how the supplies actually get to the ship. It was amazing to hear about the enormous work that goes on behind the scenes – something that we don’t always appreciate.

Lunch, as usual, was wonderful – and there was a little surprise. Marcus, himself, was set up and preparing beef stroganoff right there in front of us. It was YUM!!! Afterwards, at 2pm, the Part III of the movie documentary “Race to the Pole” was played in the Theater. This epic movie tells the tale about the famous Scott – Amundsen race to reach the South Pole. From what Luke says (he has been putting the movies on each time) there are another 5 parts to go!!!

Afternoon Tea was crowded! We were on our 4th Team Trivia contest, and all the teams are taking the challenge very seriously. Today was Claudia’s turn giving the trivia questions – so they were al about the climate. Lots of fun!

Directly from there we headed up to Luke’s lecture on the numerous science projects being run out of the British Antarctic Survey base in Gritviken, South Georgia. Luke was based there for the past 2 years as a Fisheries expert, and he has some amazing stories to tell about his time there.

Before dinner, at Recap & Briefing, Robin reviewed the plans for our landing on Tristan da Cunha. He is remaining optimistic about our chances of making it ashore there, although the weather on the 17th (the day we are hoping to be there) looks a little rough. After Robin, Kristine, our photographer, teased us by showing only 1 chapter of her video from the trip. She showed the day we landed on Salisbury Plain, South Georgia – and it was beautiful! I can’t wait to see the entire video at the end of the trip!!

The final activity foe the day was being held after dinner – it was the famous (or infamous) event called Liar’s Club. This is so much fun!! The idea of the game is that the panel of Expedition Team members (tonight it is Juan, Luke, Will & Claudia) is given four obscure words that Jarda, our Assistant Expedition Leader, finds and they have to make up definitions for those words. Only one of the four will be telling the truth, and the guests have to vote on which panel member is telling the truth. The stories tonight were absolutely ridiculous, and we all had a fantastic time heckling the panel members and laughing at there absurd stories!!!