Voyage Journal 7106 Day 11


Day 11 - March 13, 2011 - At sea

By Hans-Peter Reinthaler, Biologist

Co-ordinates: 51°01´S, 28°48´W
Weather: cloudy
Air Temperature: C

The first sea day after these four wonderful days in South Georgia, was a cloudy and windy day as the Prince Albert II was making her way towards our next destination Tristan da Cunha.

The activities for our guests started at 10am when my colleague Will Wagstaff gave a lecture titled “Introduction to the Tubenose Bird Family.” He was talking about their excellent adaptations to the harsh environment down in the south. Not only do the beautiful Albatrosses belong to this family, but also small tiny petrels. They equally show amazing features in relation adapting to the environment at open sea.

At 11am, Javier, our Head Sommelier on board gave a demonstration on how to prepare cocktails and in what occasion which cocktail to serve to guests.

Shortly before lunch a Roman Catholic mass was offered for our guests, taking advantage of the circumstance that Monseigneur McPartland from the Falkland Islands is travelling with us to Tristan da Cunha to visit the parish there.

Lunch was served in the restaurant and I had a delightful lunch and conversation with some of our German-speaking guests.

I used the break after lunch to reorganize our libraries after last night. Due to rough seas books were “shuffled” around in their shelves.

After a little break the movie afternoon started in the theatre. This time “The Last Place on Earth” was shown. It is a documentary movie about the epic race to the South Pole between rival explorers Scott and Amundsen, which is one of the greatest stories of the Twentieth Century.

During tea time the second round of our Team Trivia started in the Panorama Lounge. Nearly all groups from the first round participated in this round, which was hosted by my colleague Robin Aiello. As she is our marine biologist on board the 20 questions of the trivia were related to marine biology and marine mammals.

An interesting lecture program filled out the rest of this afternoon on board of the Prince Albert II. My colleague Claudia Holgate gave a lecture in the theatre to speak about “Ice, Wind and Waves” an introduction to Antarctica and his climate, explaining why this climate differs so much from other cold places on the planet.

At the same time in the Observation Lounge our Guest Lecturer Dr. Harald Schwammer spoke about sharks and “The Shark Project”. He was explaining the basic biology of sharks, behavior and the several threats which these wonderful animals are facing. Some of them, like the great white shark are already highly endangered and will not recover from the population loss he suffered the last 20 years.

In the evening the Venetian Society Cocktail took place in the theatre, followed by a delicious dinner in the restaurant.