Day 10 |
Jul 28, 2014

The midnight sun in Nome

By Lars Rasmussen, Biologist

After a long day at the harbour in Provydeniya the Silver Discoverer started to sail towards the east during the night. This unexpected earlier return to Alaska was spent partly outdoors where we enjoyed the sunny and calm weather looking at Long-tailed and Pomarine Jaegers hunting gulls, and the dusky and pied Northern Fulmars, that effortless were following the ship at a short distance.


During the day we crossed the dateline and lost a day and both in the morning and again in the evening we had to set the clock forward two hours to go back to Alaska Time

In the morning Victoria gave a lecture on the history of Alaska and managed to travel through the history of the native people and explained how the different periods of fur rush, gold rush and oil rush had developed Alaska.

Chris focused on the whaling era and illustrated the rise and fall of the industrial whale hunting as well as the present day subsistence hunting with many interesting photos and old pictures.

At Recap Conrad lined up the program for the coming day which had been put together during the day at sea with Kit’s help. Kit also outlined the significance of the Bering Land Bridge and Chris illustrated with great humour his observations in the dining room.

Late in the evening all guests and the whole crew had to check into the USA and have a face-check for the passport control.

Shortly after midnight the ship started heading north on a mirror blank sea.