Day 1 |
Jul 19, 2014


By Kit van Wagner, Marine Science
Weather: Sunny
Air Temperature: 15ºC
Pressure: 875 hPa
Wind: 15 knots

This morning found the Silver Discoverer snugly alongside in Seward, Alaska. With the dramatic glacier-speckled mountains as a backdrop, all our guests boarded, unpacked and settled in for this Seward to Nome adventure.

Seward is a typical Alaskan frontier town and today I found it in the full summertime swing of things, loaded with pickup trucks hauling fishing boats, families sightseeing and recreational vehicles camping along the water’s edge. Seward is also home to the well-known Seward Sealife Centre, a fantastic aquarium right on the ocean. For those with a little time to spend in town today before boarding the ship there were great local cafes, plenty of souvenir shops, and a couple of fantastic local book stores.

Back on the waterfront and once the ship’s company was all aboard, the officers and crew conducted the routine and mandatory safety drills required before sailing. Shortly after conclusion of the drill, our Expedition Leader Conrad gathered everyone once again in the Explorer Lounge for a chance to meet some of the key crewmembers and the Expedition Staff.

With introductions and the orientation sessions completed, we turned our attention to a briefing for tomorrow at the Holgate Glacier and the Chiswell Islands. And finally, with growing excitement for the fun ahead, we enjoyed our first delicious dinner about the Silver Discoverer.

The ship’s dock lines were heaved off a little after 10 pm and for those aboard who were still awake, we watched the small town of Seward fade into the mountains behind the ship as she headed to the west and the beginning of our voyage.