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Day 6 |
May 29, 2014

At Sea

By Mark Watson, General Naturalist
Air Temperature:
1013 hPa
Weather: Sunny with scattered clouds
Wind: 5 knots

A very early morning greeted me as I made my way to breakfast. With the smell of coffee slowly starting my system I tucked into another delicious Silversea breakfast.

Even though it is a sea day there is still so much going on, the first thing to do is go up on deck with binoculars and scan the horizon for life. At first there wasn’t much to see except a few showers in the distance which started to grow and before I knew it the rain was coming down in buckets. Ten minutes later it was gone and the sun started to shine and I could see small birds skimming the water with their beaks gathering their breakfast. On further investigation and looking at my bird book I came to the conclusion that they were petrels -an amazing sea bird that spends much of its life flying over the water.

The wind was quite light so it was a great time to see flying fish. They are spectacular to see as the bow of the Silver Discoverer slices through the water and it didn’t take long before I spotted a school of them exploding out of the water, thinking that the ship was a predator. They have specially adapted pectoral fins that they use as wings to glide through the air forty to fifty metres.

Time to get ready for the first lecture entitled “Coral reefs, the rainforest of the sea”, which talked about the wonders of coral reef ecosystems, and some of their amazing inhabitants. A great look at what we will hopefully sea when snorkelling at Pulau Kakaban tomorrow morning.

After a short break it was time to get ready for the next lecture, one I was looking forward to as a keen photographer. The title of the lecture was “Skills and Thrills in Travel Photography”. I was having trouble with the artistic side of my photos so I was keen to pick up some handy hints on technique and the art of composition; we also learnt about how to take photos in a rainfall environment.

I do really enjoy sea days; not only is it great to learn about different aspects of the voyage but also time to have a chat with the guests about how they have been enjoying the trip so far, especially after our big trip into Tana Toraja.

To have lunch with them out on the outside deck looking out to sea was the perfect time to do it.After lunch it was time for me to do a snorkel briefing and hand out the snorkel gear to our guests. It is important that they know all the safety aspects of the day and what to do if they get into difficulty, also how to get the best advice on how to get the maximum use of their equipment to the best effect.Once that was over I gave a lecture on what fish species we wold be likely to see -especially considering that we would be snorkelling and diving in the coral triangle, an area that has over 3000 species of fish in it. It was a great lecture to give and we can only hope it will be a beautiful day with lots of sun and light winds, as we were all looking forward to the day.So after one last briefing on tomorrow from our Expedition Leader Mick it was time for dinner, and tonight I was luckily enough to be dining in The Restaurant -Bon appetite…

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