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Day 12 |
Jun 04, 2014

Coron, Philippines

By Mark Watson, General Naturalist
1159 3791N 12012 764 E
Air Temperature:
1013 hPa
Weather: Sunny with scattered clouds
Wind: 5 knots

We anticipated a late start today, so a leisurely breakfast was the order of the day. It was time to relax and enjoy a Silversea breakfast and coffee out on deck -and a time to enjoy the view of the towering limestone mountains as we entered the province of Palawan.

As we sailed past the eastern half of Busuanga Island, I noticed a large number of small islands all with large limestone cliffs and white sandy beaches, turquoise waters surrounding them and could only wonder what it would be like to explore this remote area

It might have been a late start but a full schedule greeted us and after a meeting with the Expedition Leader it was time to get organized and ready for our hike to Kayangen Lake.

The local boats pulled up close to where we docked and it was a twenty minute trip across the harbour to our destination, and from there we had to hike 150 steps up a steep mountain before we could see the most picturesque view you could imagine, a crystal clear lake nestled in between two limestone mountains. But what comes up must come down, so we hurried down to bathe in the gin-coloured water.

The water was so clear you could see limestone caves twenty meters below and fish and crabs scurrying into the shadows of the caves. Time went so fast and after an hour of inner space it was time to head back up the mountain and down the other side where our boats were waiting to take us to our next location.

What a great way to have started the day with a cool relaxing swim and I could not wait to get to our next location. It did not take long and before I knew it we were heading for a small white sandy beach in the middle of two massive limestone cliffs. We were greeted with music and singing as we walked off our boats and on to the powdery white sand, with the smell of a delicious feast in the air -and what a feast it was with local fish grilled to perfection, crabs and a pig on a spit all washed down with a choice of the local beer or juice.

After lunch it was time for a snorkel so I grabbed my gear and headed for the crystal clear water. I headed straight out to a deep drop-off only about fifty metres out from the beach and I could not believe the colours of the coral and abundance of fish life so close to the shore. After about half an hour it was time to head back and get ready for our next destination: the Maquinit Hot Springs. So it was back on to the local boats and back to the wharf where our buses were waiting.

It was only a short bus ride to the springs through the local village and after our huge day I could not wait to relax in the hot springs -and hot it was! About forty degrees- you had to slowly submerge but once you got used to it your whole body just totally relaxed.

Ahhhh what a great way to finish off the perfect day!

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