Day 1 |
May 12, 2014


By Brad Climpson, Marine Biologist
Co-ordinates: 18° 00.06’ S and 122° 13.10’ E
Weather: Sunny
Temperature: 22-35 degrees Celsius
Wind: 0-5 knots
Pressure: 1016hPa
Broome, which was once one of the great strongholds of the pearling industry, is now centred on mining and local tourism. Broome is a great starting point when making your way through the Kimberley region, particularly by ship along the coastline.
Situated close to Roebuck Bay and Cable Beach, Broome Wharf was where we met our home for the next 14 days. The Silver Discoverer was ready to meet and greet everyone as they made their way from their hotels or the airport and Captain Luksa welcomed us aboard.
After a few safety drills we dropped our mooring lines a little after 4pm and pointed the ship north towards the Kimberley.
The red sands along Roebuck Bay and Cable Beach farewelled us with the light from a dipping sun bringing them to life. We all enjoyed our first dinner aboard Silver Discoverer as we left the low lying Pindan country of Broome and made our way overnight to the rugged sandstone country of the Kimberley.