Day 3 |
May 04, 2014

En Route to Wyndham

By Andrew Marshall, Science Communicator
Weather: Sunny with scattered clouds
Air Temperature: 30ºC
Pressure: 961 hPa
Wind: 5 knots

My day started with a caffeine burst of strong coffee on the Pool Deck. I didn’t have to wait long for my poached eggs and toast to arrive -with a second cup of “Flat White”.

I attended the first lecture of the day delivered by our Expedition Leader Mick Fogg. His presentation entitled “Stories in Stone” proved to be a comprehensive overview of the aboriginal art styles unique to the Kimberley area, including Wandjina, Bradshaw and contact art styles.

After just enough time to grab another stimulating cup of coffee, I was attentive and ready for the next lecture of the morning given by Brad Climpson, who in this presentation entitled “Teeth, Mud and Mangroves” informed us about Estuarine Crocodiles and their habitat, the mangrove ecosystems of the tropics.

I enjoyed a delicious lunch on the back deck in the wonderful calm and sunny conditions we have been experiencing during our crossing of the Timor Sea.

After lunch I joined Brad Siviour as he gave his presentation “Captain Courageous”, an account of the S.S. Koolama incident. I stayed on after the talk to watch a screening of the “Malice or Mutiny” documentary further detailing this event.

I enjoyed the delights and conversation during the “Ice Cream Social” on the back deck of the Discoverer Lounge, but I am becoming increasingly concerned about my waistline and we are only three days into the voyage!

I took my first opportunity to deliver a Recap this evening, and gave some explanations of the meanings of nautical terms we employ in our common language today, such as “Cut and Run” referring to cutting the anchor rope to try to escape a surprise attack.

In the early evening I attended Captain Luksa Plecas’ Welcome Cocktail. It was impressive to see the lovely dresses of the ladies and the clean cut of the men’s suits -especially so when observing the members of the Expedition Team!

After the Cocktail I headed down to The Restaurant and enjoyed some engaging conversation over another carefully presented course of creative cuisine. I found out that everyone I talked to seemed just as excited as I am about the days ahead. I enjoyed a short digestive before turning in early; I want to be fully rested to take full advantage of our full day of activities in Wyndham tomorrow.