Day 10 |
May 01, 2014

Day at sea, en route to Darwin

By Thomas Hammerich, Geologist
Co-ordinates: S 09º05'01", E 128º08'04"
Weather: Sunny with scattered clouds
Air Temperature: 30ºC
Pressure: 1012 hPa
Wind: E 16-20 knots

My day started in the early hours of the morning. Silver Discoverer did a technical stop at Leti Island and we started our way back to Australia and towards Darwin when I was able to take a look at Timor Island during sunrise. This area is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire -finally we had arrived at this very active zone of the world.

While I prepared the Discoverer Lounge for my lecture about the geology and volcanism of the Pacific Ring of Fire guest arrived one by one. I was very pleased that the guests rewarded my lecture with lots of interesting questions and personal comments at the end of my talk.

Brad Siviour was continuing the daily program with his lecture about “Man-eating beasts” at 11 o’clock. I was enjoying his talk and learned new facts about the life, habits and history of Australian crocodiles.

Around midday I was observing wildlife from Silver Discoverer’s Deck 5. We spotted Red-footed Boobies, Bulver’s Petrels, and Greater Frigatebirds. Here and there a few flying fish were making their way ‘to fly’ above the sea. Also in the distant we spotted a spinner dolphin…what a great day!

By then it was time to go to the Discoverer Lounge to have lunch. I was joining guests and we were having a nice conversation while enjoying our meal. A good meal always ends with a good cup of coffee.

“CSI-Kimberley – whodunit” was the entertaining lecture by Malcolm at 14:30h. It was as entertaining as challenging - we were all instantly converted into Crime Scene Investigators and interacting with Malcolm as part of the talk to work on his cases.

Shortly after the afternoon tea it was time for yet another lecture. Our expedition leader Mick gave a talk about the Cane Toad control: “Darwin and the Toad”. He discussed the effects of this maligned amphibian on the Australian landscape.

During the day a few warm shower had been passing by. But as soon as the rain had passed the sun came back and guests continued to enjoy the sun on our outside decks and a swim in the Pool.

Ray presented his final cut of the Silver Discoverer Voyage 9405 movie at 6 o’clock in the Explorers Lounge. The movie took us back to the beginning of our voyage –and all the wonderful moments were flowing back instantly into our minds. What a great voyage it had been over the last 9 days!

Our day ended in the Restaurant with the dinner. For the last time we enjoyed the excellent food, having interesting conversations and remembering all the countless amazing moments we had had together.