Day 5 |
Oct 16, 2013

San Cristobal Island

By Dries Degel, Naturalist

Weather: Partly Cloudy
Air Temperature: 24ºC
Pressure: 951 hPa
Wind: 6 knots

This day the vessel stay in wreck bay in San Cristobal Island, and disembarkation took place at the town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno which the political capital of the Galapagos province.

I started my day with a very different kind of visit, in the interpretation center which is a modern museum created and built as an indoor attraction, and inside there is the opportunity to learn about the human history of Galapagos as well as natural history and conservation. As this visit is self-guided it’s possible to walk and read the exhibits at your own pace.

Right after that, I went to the town with our guests for shopping. There’s a wide variety of interesting handcrafts and books from the islands, I found a very interesting colony of sea lions using the peer and the surroundings of the main street. Most of them were resting; it was an excellent opportunity for pictures of these amazing and funny mammals.

Then in the afternoon, I went to Puerto Baquerizo and after passing the interpretation center I walked into a natural area and forest surrounded by torchwoods, prickly pear and candelabra cactae, also Galapagos cottons, and spiny bushes, the name of this place is frigatebird or tijeretas hill. Tijeretas is a name used for these birds in Spanish.

There is a whole network of trails in the area. If you look closely in between the beautiful scenery and vegetation wildlife such as beautiful yellow warblers, brown pelicans, sea lions, Darwin finches, flycatchers, lava lizards, and the Chatham mockingbird, which is endemic to San Cristobal.

From the different viewpoints I saw the sunset on the opposite side of the town with beautiful colours, that was so romantic coming to the end of another special and different day in this paradise.