Day 5 |
Oct 09, 2013

Floreana Island

By Floreana Island Pablo Barragan, Naturalist

Weather: Sunny with scattered clouds
Air Temperature: 21ºC
Pressure: 961 hPa
Wind: 5 knots

Today, I woke up at Floreana Island, and when I looked out the window of Silver Galapagos, I got this mixed feeling of nature and mysteries to come today. The scenery blows my mind, up on the highlands the mist creates a white sheet in contrast with the blue sky on the lowlands.

Disembarkation was at 8h00 in the morning, followed by a Zodiac tour along of the area of Post Office Bay. At the time I was approaching the beach, a sea turtle showed up.
Later on, I shared with the guests of the Silver Galapagos the stories about Floreana, and the mysteries that happened there in the 1930´s when the first settlers were established.

At Post Office Bay we keep alive a wonderful tradition that is hand delivered mail (post cards). I went through the pile of them looking for addresses the guests may reach when they will return to the places they live. We found some!!

Later on at Champion Islet, the snorkeling experience was great! It is one of the highlights on the trip. On the Zodiac tour, I saw so many sea lions and sea birds, but the Floreana Mockingbird did not show up this time.

The next point on the visit was Punta Cormorant were I led a walk across the easy trail made naturally by volcanic cinder. On the other side…the white sand on the beach with lots of sea turtles nests was waiting for us…what a site!!

About 6h00 pm was the time to come back on board and enjoy the facilities of the Silver Galapagos…finishing another day in paradise.