Day 4 |
Oct 01, 2013

Genovesa Island

By Tommy Acosta, Galapagos National Park Guide

Weather: Partially covered
Air Temperature: 21ºC
Wind: 10 knots

What an exciting day we had on San Cristobal Island. I started my day early in the morning when it was misty and a bit cloudy.

The unique scenery of eroded cinder cones, old lava flows and volcanic beaches are the perfect combination for landscape photography in Punta Pitt. We offered an early morning strenuous hike that many of our guests participated in. This stunning location is also one of the main nesting areas for red footed boobies.

Sea lions are reproducing in a small colony on the beach and the males are taking good care of the females and some of the babies. Today there was a particularly territorial bull that offered us a spectacular display of power and testosterone as he took care of his harem from marauding bachelors waiting for a chance to mate with the beach master’s females. It was a great opportunity to see some unusual behavior.

We then offered the guests the opportunity to snorkel in shallow waters just outside the bay. Our guests saw their first Pacific Green Sea Turtles, Flounders and some juvenile Sea Lions playfully swimming and twirling around the awe-struck snorkelers.

In the afternoon, we visited the town of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the archipelago’s capital. Most of our guests went on the El Junco Lagoon tour. I led the group to the top and despite the rather tricky conditions, with poor visibility and a bit of mud, they still had a good time and they saw the Miconia an endemic plant plus a variety of birds before they returned to the Silver Galapagos for a Recap & Briefing followed by a delicious dinner.

What a great day!