Day 3 |
Sep 30, 2013

Seymour and Santa Cruz Island

By Ma. Gabriela Espinoza, Naturalist

Weather: Partially cloudy morning and cloudy afternoon
Air Temperature: 20 Celsius degrees
Wind: 4 knots

This last day of September was full of surprises. In the morning, we rode towards Seymour Island. Right before our dry landing, we saw a male Magnificent Frigate bird flying above our heads. I think he was trying to impress us with his big red balloon, and for sure he wanted to get a partner.

As soon as we started our power hike, I saw our first Blue Footed Booby. It was standing on a rock waiting to show everybody his beautiful blue feet. He whistled a couple of times, and that is how I knew it was a male. As no female came around him, he placed his head on his back and immediately went to sleep.
There was a moment when I gathered my group very close so they could have a good photo opportunity. In the area, we had five different species very close the one to the other. They were a Marine Iguana, a Lava Lizard, the Ruddy Turnstone (an interesting migratory bird coming from the northern hemisphere to the Galápagos Islands from August to March), a baby Frigate Bird sitting on the nest, and a sleeping Galápagos Sea Lion baby. The diversity of species and mixture of colors created a great picture.
Probably the best surprise of the morning was to see three Blue Footed Boobies males dancing for the attention of a female. All of them were equally beautiful, although they each had different shades of blue color on their feet. The female had a hard time choosing “the one.” We enjoyed this dancing show for about ten minutes. Finally she chose the male that pressed the least, and I though “well done girl, that is an interesting lesson to learn.”
For the afternoon excursion, we took a bus from the northern part of Santa Cruz Island to the highlands. Our goal was to see the Giant Tortoises, the ones that gave the name to these islands - the famous Galápagos Tortoises. We felt fortunate because we saw more than a dozen of these giant reptiles in their natural environment. It was so green up there, a totally different landscape from what we had seen during the previous days.
To end the day, the sun decided to shine with a wonderful orange color. We arrived on board right on time to enjoy a beautiful sunset. 
This was a great day, another one in this Paradise.