Day 2 |
Sep 29, 2013

Genovesa Island

By Hernan Olaya, Naturalist

Weather: Cloudy morning with a sunny afternoon
Air Temperature: 18 - 22ºC, 64 - 71ºF
Pressure: 961 hPa
Wind: 3 knots

This morning I started my day by enjoying a spectacular sunrise as we sailed into the caldera of Genovesa Island with so many different marine birds flying across Darwin’s Bay.

As soon as I was getting closer with our guest for our landing, a sea lion colony was waiting for us at the beach. What a great start of our excursion, the tameness of these animals is awe inspiring. It really feels like our presence isn’t noticed at all, these animals came all the way from western North America and have found a haven in Galapagos. With a lot of food available and very few predators they can even afford to play as some of our guest realized today when taking a beautiful picture of themselves laying down next to them on the beach. Then we were surrounded by Nazca and Red Footed Boobies, even a couple of Nazca Boobies were nesting on the ground right besides us and we got the chance to see the eggs of these elegant birds. I almost thought that it was Christmas because the spectacular Red Footed Boobies were standing on the green branches of the mangroves.

I led our first snorkel session with the major highlight being a Scalloped Hammerhead Shark. These animals exhibited an interesting behaviour which allowed us to see them close by. What a magnificent chance to swim with them in the wild! To finish the day in Genovesa, my group and I walked along the rocky trail of Prince Philip Steps and we saw the Short Eared Owl which is the only raptor in this island and feeds mainly of small Storm Petrels. Unlike other owls they hunt during the day making them quite unique of these enchanted islands.

As we rode a zodiac back to the Silver Galapagos the sun started to set and despite feeling tired I truly felt happy for all that I had the chance to share with our guests during this day.