Day 10 |
Dec 08, 2009

Drake Passage, En Route To Ushuaia

By Stefan Kredel, Geologist

Co-ordinates: 58°36’39”S, 64°18’52”W

Weather: overcast

Air Temperature: 2,0°C

Back in the Drake! After we left the Antarctic Peninsula yesterday, the sea became a bit bumpy. Not too bad, but bad enough that not everyone went for breakfast.

I got up rather early because with all the early mornings in the last days I couldn’t sleep longer. After a small breakfast in the Observation Lounge, I went around the ship, but it looked like most guests used the chance to sleep in a bit.

As usual on days at sea, there were quite some lectures scheduled for today beginning with Victoria and a comparison of Scott and Amundsen, two really very different men, and their race to the South Pole.

Next was Claudia with a talk about the Climate of Antarctica. Another interesting topic, but I decided to go to the Bridge where some guests were taking in the view. We saw Sooty Albatrosses flying just in front of the ship. Always nice to see those amazing gliders in the air!

At 14:30 I was following the lecture by Michaela, talking about whales and seals and their adaptation to the cold.

At teatime I had a nice talk with some guests about their pets, which they were missing a lot. I spent some more time on the Bridge, and just before dinner we had our last Recap. And as it was the last one, each of the lecturers and general naturalists came up on stage. So it became a quite different and entertaining final Recap.

After dinner, “Liars Club” was scheduled in the Panorama Lounge. At “Liars Club” there are four of us on stage and we get words that really exist, but usually no one would know the meaning of them. So three of us are making up a story about the meaning and one is telling the truth. The guests have to guess who is telling the truth amongst the liars. It was quite amazing how many guests guessed wrong and took a lie for the truth. I guess a game like that we can only do at the end of a trip, otherwise no one would trust us to tell the truth about anything anymore…