Day 1 |
Nov 01, 2009

Valparaiso, Chile

By Hans-Peter Reinthaler, Biologist

Co-ordinates: 33° 02,22S, 71° 37,51W

Weather: cloudy, in the late afternoon sunny

Bunkering and provision loading were finished, the suites were ready and so we could start embarkation at 14.30. The first guests were waiting already in the terminal to board the Prince Albert II. All embarkation went smoothly, and at 16.15 boarding of all our guests for the “Chilean Fjords Highlights” expedition cruise from Valparaiso down to Ushuaia was finished.

Shortly afterwards, Captain Peter Stahlberg announced over the PA system the obligatory Emergency Drill for all guests, and then, somewhat earlier than scheduled, the Prince AlbertII set course for the next destination – Niebla near Valdivia on the Chilean coast.

Together with many of our newly arrived guests, I enjoyed the sail away out of Valparaiso as long as we were on the wind-protected part of the port. As we reached open sea, the temperature quickly became more chilly, and we changed our position to the sundeck on stern of the ship. Both of my colleagues, JJ and Chris Srigley, armed with their binoculars, were already looking out for birds. From my side, I was also very glad because the vegetation had changed significantly, and now the coastline was covered with a nice green carpet of interesting plant life.

Embarkation day concluded with the introduction of some heads of department and the Expedition Team, including a new team member, Victoria Salem, followed by an excellent dinner in The Restaurant.