Day 9 |
Oct 14, 2009

At Sea, En Route To Gorgona Island, Colombia

By Juan Carlos Restrepo, Geologist

Co-ordinates: 05º 38.3’ N, 078º 19.2’ W

Weather: Overcast

Air Temperature: 26ºC

Sea Temperature: 28ºC

Pressure: 1015 hPa

Wind: A gentle breeze blowing from the NE at 10 knots

Today was a typical day a sea. Mellow and relaxing. Ideal for catching up with sleep (guests that is, not us), reading and enjoying our onboard lecture program, which went on all day. 

Hans Peter started at 10 am with his talk entitled “How Cocoa changed the World”.  In this lecture Hans explained how “Theobroma cacao” – the scientific name for this plant -fascinated the Aztecs as well as the Mayans and was at the time a real dish of the gods and for the gods. He explained how Cocoa, a first unnoticed plant, wrote cultural history. 

At 11:30 our onboard Marine Biologist, Robin Aiello, presented her lecture “The Amazing World of Sharks and Rays”. Robin is a declared ‘Shark Lover’ and today she shared with us her great passion for them. She dispelled many myths about them and explained some of the many features that have allowed them to survive for over 400 million years. Her stories about up-close and personal encounters with these creatures were fascinating.

Just after lunch I had my turn to lecture, and this time, being a day at sea, I decided to talk about the ocean on my lecture entitled “Water, The Restless Sea”.  On this one I explained some basic oceanography concepts, covering horizontal and vertical circulation, tides, waves and the world’s main surface current systems.

At 3:15, our head sommelier Predraig and our Executive Chef Lionel held an exciting and slightly intoxicating Food and Wine Pairing Seminar, followed by Tea Time to the fine music of Lou. 

At 6:45, as usual, the Expedition Team held a recap and briefing where we discussed some of the highlights of today, and the briefing outlining of the plans for tomorrow during our visit to Gorgona Island.   

I am quite excited about this visit, not only because it is my country, but also due to the fact that Gorgona has never received a cruise ship visit before, ever.