Day 1 |
Oct 06, 2009

Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica

By JJ Apéstegui, Ornithologist

Co-ordinates: 9°54’.8N, 84°43’W

Weather: Still, hot and humid

Air Temperature: 29 C

Sea Temperature: 30 C

Pressure: 1006 Hpa

Wind: Light Air

It was a hot and humid day, normal for the Port of Caldera in Costa Rica, its name meaning “Cauldron” in Spanish. As the Prince Albert II’s crew prepared the ship for the arrival of our guests there were dark clouds in the horizon but no rain to give the heat a little respite.

Our first guests started arriving around two o’clock and boarded throughout the afternoon until around four. The usual formalities were taken care of speedily in the Panorama Lounge and then they were free to roam around the ship, although for some it was more of a re-encounter since they had sailed with us before.

Our departure was delayed by some missing luggage and we left the port around six-thirty in the evening. Before that some of the important activities for the first day at sea were taken care of, namely, the safety drill and the introduction of the heads of departments and the Expedition Team; this way guests were able to enjoy the amenities of the Prince Albert II and our sail away.

Most people were quite tired from the trip and many opted to get an early dinner and on to bed. I did likewise in order to be bright eyed and early tomorrow for our visit to my favorite part of Costa Rica: the Osa Peninsula.