Day 1 |
Jun 24, 2009

Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway

By Christian Walter, Ethnohistorian

Co-ordinates: 78 degrees 13,46 N, 15 degrees 36,02 O

Weather: Cloudy during the morning, partly cloudy later on

Air Temperature: 5C

Pressure: 1016

Wind: 10 knots

Today is the start of another great adventure. In early afternoon guests were warmly welcomed aboard the Prince Albert II. They checked in and enjoyed an afternoon tea.

When Captain Peter Stahlberg announced that the lines were about to be cast, many gathered on the outer decks to take pictures of a perfect rainbow spanning the fjord, and to start meeting new faces and begin socializing with their new found family of expeditioners.

A bit later after the guests had some time to become familiar with their suites and the ship’s layout, they mustered for the mandatory lifeboat drill. Then, came introductions of department heads and Expedition Team members, an AECO briefing, Zodiac briefing, and finally a destination briefing.

Dinner was served and guests enjoyed their first meal onboard, followed by after-dinner entertainment in the Panorama Lounge and an early night for most in anticipation of tomorrow’s adventures.