Day 11 |
Mar 07, 2009

At Sea

By Claudia Roedel

Weather: Sunny with a light breeze

Air Temperature: 17 C

Today was the last day of the cruise, and we were all sad that the trip was almost finished. There were still some birds following the ship, inclusive one black-browed albatross.

During the rest of the morning, many people chose to lay on deck and enjoy the warmth and sunshine. As the seas were rather calm, the Hotel Department opened the grill on The Jacuzzi Deck. That was a very popular option, as the outside tables were full!

Our lecture schedule continued with Historian Peter Damisch. He gave a very interesting presentation about Alexander Selkirk, a mariner who was stranded for more than four years on a deserted island. Peter also discussed along the book inspired by Selkirk's adventures, The Strange Tale of Robinson Crusoe, Marooned Mariner.

At 3:30 p.m., there was a very interesting movie in The Theatre called The Flight of the Condor. This film follows a unique wildlife exploration of the Andes, filmed from the condor's perspective.

After teatime, it was time to meet the Expedition Team; our last recap of the trip. The topics discussed ranged from the North to the South poles. There were polar bears, earthquakes, global warming, weather patterns, and a little more history.

The ship was buzzing with activity as guests packed their suitcases. Many crew members were busy with storage and preparations for the end of season and drydock maintainance. There was another beautiful sunset, and a few people were able to see the green flash as the sun sank below the horizon.