Day 1 |
Jan 18, 2009

Ushuaia, Argentina

By Claudia Roedel

Position: 54°48.6’S, 68°18.0’W

Weather at noon: sunny with a light breeze, 10 °C

This afternoon, as guests boarded the Prince Albert II, they were greeted by an army of black and white clad, brightly smiling stewardesses and stewards who helped them with their luggage and directed them into the Panorama Lounge where there was a beautiful buffet set up. Guests had their pictures taken, received their suite keys and could settle in.

At 16:30, all were called for the lifeboat drill in The Theater. After roll call, Safety Officer Micah explained all the safety procedures in case of an emergency. After the drill, many guests took the opportunity to explore and get to know the ship a little better. At 18:00, our Expedition Leader Ignacio called the guests back to The Theater to introduce the department heads and the lecture staff.

As we sailed out of Ushuaia, most of us chose to be on the outer decks. The weather was fine, and Ushuaia looked so lovely, nestled between all those tall mountains. We could see Mount Olivia, and it was surprising that even in the middle of summer, many of the surrounding peaks are snow covered.

But as soon as the ship turned around, few people looked back to Ushuaia, even as pretty as it is. Most people were looking forward, towards the Beagle Channel, and especially looking forward to the adventures that this trip will bring.