Day 2 |
Nov 04, 2008

At Sea

By Robin Aiello

Weather: Bright sunshine, clear skies, strong chilly winds

It was sunny and bright when we woke up this morning. The seas, however, were a bit rough, and some of us found ourselves staggering side to side as we made our way to The Restaurant for breakfast.

Today was a day at sea, and the Expedition Team filled the hours with a couple of very interesting and educational talks. Chris, our birder, gave the first lecture of the day at 9:30am, entitled “Seabirds of Chile”. He showed us some amazing photographs of the species we were most likely to see, explained their behaviours, and discussed the wonders of bird migration. By the end of the lecture, we were all excited about heading out on deck to look for as many seabirds as we could find.

At 11.00am, our historian Victoria gave a lecture entitled “Charles Darwin: Voyage of the Beagle and his Dangerous Idea”. In this lecture, Victoria told us about Darwin’s life, his research, and the tumultuous ups and downs of his scientific career, especially with regards to his theory of evolution.

Lunch was an absolute feast - there were two large banquet tables laden with delectable foods – there was so much to choose from! After our sumptuous lunch, most of us returned to our suites for a relax, although a few of us wandered out to the sundeck to find a spot in the sun and out of the cool breeze.

However, at 5.00pm, we were all called to a mandatory Zodiac Briefing where Robin West, our Expedition Leader, used a series of slides to demonstrate exactly how to get into and out of the Zodiac boats that we will be using for most landings on this voyage. By the end of the presentation, we were all getting excited about the adventures that lay ahead for us. Robin also outlined the plans for the rest of the voyage, and described tomorrow’s itinerary for Niebla, Chile in more detail.

After the briefing, it was time to change into our finery and join Captain Fabien Roche at his Welcome Cocktail Party – followed by the Captain’s Dinner. Guests met the Captain in person and were introduced to the Officers of the Ship. It was a fun evening, with lots of champagne, laughter and good conversation.