Day 4 |
Oct 15, 2008

At Sea, In Transit To Costa Rica

By Claudia Roedel

Today was our second restful day at sea. The weather was slightly overcast in the morning. There were some Brown Boobies flying around the ship, and flying fish darted away from the ship’s bow.

At 09:30 we made our way to The Theatre to listen to our first lecture of the day, and we were greeted at the door by a pirate wearing a hat and wielding a bottle of rum! That was Claire Allum’s way to bring us in the mood for her lecture about Pirates and Privateers!

At 11:00, Ignacio, our Expedition Leader, called all hands to The Theatre for a mandatory lecture about the use of our Zodiac landing craft. The presentation included a slide show and a demonstration on how to wear the ship’s inflatable life vests, and how to embark and disembark from the Zodiacs. We look forward our first experience on these inflatable rubber boats!

During lunch time, JJ Apestegui, our resident birder, pointed out to us that there were also a number of barn swallows following the ship. They are taking a ride on the ship’s wake.

Tea time onboard is always a delicious experience; the ship’s baker and pastry chef produce a variety of very enticing tidbits. Soon after, there was the last lecture of the day.

JJ gave us an informal talk about the history of Costa Rica, and tried to explain why this mountainous country is so different than its neighbors.