Day 3 |
Oct 14, 2008

At Sea

By Toby Musgrave

Co-ordinates: 14° 13.9'N, 92° 20.5'W

Weather: Sunny with clear skies, 29°C / 82°F and 73% humidity Light swell

The first of our two sea days en route for Costa Rica dawned sunny and clear, but the shallow depth of water under our keel – a mere 50m or so, created a light swell that meant that the Prince Albert II rolled somewhat.

This was a day for settling in and taking it easy, and taking advantage of all the facilities onboard, as well as enjoying the lectures presented by the Expedition Staff and Guest Lecturer, Ron Bowermeister.

The day’s events began at 09.30 with a presentation in The Theatre by Claudia Roedel entitled ‘Introduction to Digital Photography’, the first in a series of informative talks aimed at getting the best pictures from your digital camera. At 11.00 it was my turn, with a lecture entitled ‘The Common Tater and Family’ – a sideways look at the history of three crops indigenous to Latin and South America that are now-universally grown and consumed - the chili, the tomato and the potato.

Then it was off for a ‘well earned’ lunch, and as I walked by the gym on the way to the rear sun deck, I noticed that several dedicated guests were also making good use of this facility, whilst others were relaxing in the sun. But that’s what it is all about, doing exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it!

The afternoon, like the morning, saw a number of guests staring intently over the rails out to sea in search of marine and bird life. And we were not disappointed! We saw many turtles resting on the surface and a few dolphins riding the bow wave and making aerobatic jumps out of the water. All watched by a few brown boobies floating on the light air currents overhead.

At 16.30 Jon gave his first presentation – ‘20 Years of Travelling and Writing for National Geographic’. This fascinating and diverse introduction to his work had us all enraptured, as well as green with envy that someone should get paid for having such an interesting and varied career!

The evening saw the Captain Fabien Roché host his Welcome Cocktail Party, at which he welcomed us all most graciously and introduced our guests to the ship’s officers. Then it was time for the last ‘ordeal’ of the day, a delicious dinner in The Restaurant!