Day 17 |
Oct 28, 2008

At Sea – En Route To Arica, Chile

By Claudia Roedel

The weather pattern has been quite constant: light mist during the early morning hours, clearing up by mid-morning.

Guest photographer Jon Bowermaster showed us the last two films of his Ocean 8 National Geographic project: the Illusion Islands and Borderland. The first one is about their trip to the Aleut islands, the chain of islands that link Russia to Alaska and the challenges that characterize that area. The second film was done in Croatia, perhaps Europe’s only “wild” coast.

We were then called for a Bavarian Fruhschoppen! Both our Hotel Director Thomas and our Executive Chef Udo are from Germany and decided to give us a taste of this traditional brunch buffet! There was Wurst (German sausages), pretzels, sauerkraut and plenty of beer, which we enjoyed on deck to the sounds of traditional German music.

This afternoon the Bridge was open for anyone who wanted to go for a visit and several took advantage of this opportunity.

At 15:30 Robin Aiello presented to us “The Amazing World of Sharks and Rays”, sharing with us her passion for sharks, especially the big ones. She tried to dispel the many myths surrounding sharks and to enlighten us about the adaptations that have allowed them to survive over 400 million years.

After tea, our Executive Chef Udo invited us for a Cooking Demonstration in the Panorama Lounge.

As he was just wrapping up, our Expedition Leader, Ignacio called “whales ahoy!!!” from the Bridge. The Captain reduced the speed and everybody rushed to the decks to watch these magnificent animals. It was a group of maybe six or more Sperm Whales. When they were spotted they were leisurely bobbing at the surface, but after a while they dived. Sperm Whales are famous for their deep dives, in which they go after gigantic Squid. Their record for deep diving is around 2000 meters deep!!!!

After a few minutes, they came back to the surface and repeated the pattern again as we watched.

It was a great sight to behold!