Day 5 |
Oct 04, 2008

At Anchor In Cabo San Lucas Bay In The Sea Of Cortés

By Toby Musgrave

Position: 22° 53.1’ N 109° 53.6’ W

We anchored at Cabo San Lucas at 07.30 just as the sun was rising through the mist, bathing the view of the town and rocky promontory that marks the cape of the Baja Peninsula in a soft rosy glow.

Today we bade farewell to 50 of the invited guests, but for those staying aboard, today was all about relaxing. Those who elected to join the excursion took the Zodiacs to shore at 08.30 to be welcomed by numerous brown pelicans, and from the pontoon jetty, were transferred to the beautiful, 80-year-old sailing ship, Talofa. Originally built in California (USA) by Charles and Chester Carter who intended to take her treasure hunting in the south Pacific, she now is privately owned. We took full advantage of the owner’s warm hospitality as we took a three-hour sail around the bay. Motoring out of the harbor, we followed the rocky coast to the very tip or cape of Baja California, enjoying the views of the beautifully weathered and water-sculpted granite cliffs. We peered through “the keyhole” – a sea cave joining the Pacific Ocean with the Sea of Cortés, and admired the beautiful, and at this time of the morning, deserted Lover’s Beach – a spit of sand between two granite outcrops. With a beach on both shores, the dangerous Pacific side with its undertow and strong currents is locally called Divorce Beach! At the cape, we encountered a colony of sea lions taking it easy on a rock, watched the aerobatics of the Magnificent Frigate birds, and spotted an Osprey resting on the rocky crag.

Then it was up with the four sails - Talofa’s, crew more than ably assisted by a number of Prince Albert II’s company – for a leisurely sail around the bay while enjoying a cold drink and tortillas accompanied with delicious homemade guacamole and tomato salsa. After a couple of hours gentle sailing - unfortunately we only had light winds – we headed back to harbor and a well-deserved lunch. The afternoon was spent simply relaxing aboard or exploring the town of Cabo where there was more than adequate scope for indulging in some retail therapy, enjoying the local hospitality and relaxing on the long golden beaches.

All aboard was at 17.30 and as we left, the Captain maneuvered the ship to provide a perfect view of the sea arch at the end of the bay.