Day 9 |
Sep 25, 2008

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

By Claudia Roedel

Noon Position: 25° 51.3' N 111° 11.4' W

Weather: Hot day, partly overcast.

While the sun rose on the horizon, the Prince Albert II sailed into the bay of Cabo San Lucas, which lies at the southernmost tip of the 800-mile-long (1,287-km-long) Baja Peninsula. The town fronts a small harbour facing a rocky peninsula that forms “Land’s End”. We could see the famous stone arch to our portside, and the sprawling development on the beaches around us. Many brand new buildings line the main beach – Playa Medano – several still in construction phase.

Today we had the opportunity to participate in a cruise aboard the tall ship Talofa. This one-of-a-kind wooden schooner was originally built in 1928 to retrieve sunken treasure lost amongst the coral reefs of the South Pacific Islands, a mission never completed due to limited funds. The Talofa is now completely restored and refitted, and is recognised as one of the “strongest, toughest, private sailboats constructed in the 20th century in America”. Captain Cactus and his crew welcomed us aboard, and as the Talofa is a school ship, began to instruct us in sailing techniques and then allowed us to gain first-hand experience! There were 6 stations, two at the foot of each of the three masts, port and starboard. The crew of the Talofa explained what needed to be done. We motored out of the marina, and once we reached open water, Captain Cactus gave order and we unfurled the sails and our ride started. It is always nice to glide over the water with the wind on our hair, no noise from the engine. Refreshments were served, among them, grog and margaritas. At noon, we sailed back into the harbour, stowed the sails and motored to her berth in the Marina.

The day was really hot, so many decided to go back to the ship and the air conditioning. Some elected to have lunch in one of the many open restaurants that line the Malecón, watching the yachts go in and out of the marina. The flea market is close by and there is a wide selection of handicrafts from all over Mexico.

The Prince Albert II sailed away during sunset, and all guests were invited to the open decks, to watch our departure and sip sangria and other drinks, prepared by our skilful bar staff. Tonight was also the Venetian Society cocktail party. The Venetian Society honours guests onboard the ship who have sailed at least once before on a Silversea vessel, and is so named in recognition of the intrepid explorers of Venice. Following another memorable dinner, it was time for a hilarious presentation of Silversea’s version of the famous Liar’s Club game, where members of the Expedition Staff create stories about various words, and guests have to decide who is telling the truth.