Day 2 |
Sep 18, 2008

En Route To Puerto Vallarta

By Brent Stephenson, Ornithologist

Co-ordinates: 18° 18’N; 103° 53’ W

Weather: Warm and humid, beautiful clear skies and calm sailing all day.

Awakening to calm seas and a fantastic breakfast, the day and voyage were off to a great start. I began my lecture with a discussion of why on Earth somebody would want to initiate such a bizarre pastime as bird watching, and then outlined some of the tools and techniques. I then gave a pictorial account of some of the many bird species we hope to see on this expedition. With so much to see, I sensed that the guests were all excited at the prospect.

Following this, Expedition Leader Suzana Machado D’Oliveira detailed tomorrow’s activities, enabling guests to sign up for the various tours. It was then time for a little sun and calm seas outside, with excellent sightings of sea turtles and Pan-tropical spotted dolphins, as well as brown and red-footed boobies, black terns, and red-billed tropicbirds.

Then our Photo/Lecturer Richard Harker gave an excellent lecture on digital photography and how to set up your digital cameras to get the most out of them. It’s clear that camera manuals are written by people who know far too much and yet are unable to put it across in simple terms. However, Richard did an excellent job of working through the most important camera settings, and explaining what each of these was for and how to customize it. Our holiday snaps will be all the better for it.

After all this learning it was time for lunch, and then, of course, what better than an early afternoon snooze? In the late afternoon, Richard gave another workshop with regards to cameras, followed by Dr Christian Walter who gave an account of early European exploration and discovery…after which it was time for guests to put on their evening attire and discover who the Captain of our vessel was, at the Captain’s Welcome Cocktail Party. Captain Fabien Roche toasted our voyage and introduced guests to the senior officers onboard the Prince Albert II, before a sumptuous dinner in The Restaurant.