Day 11 |
Sep 27, 2008

At Sea, En Route To Los Angeles

By JJ Apéstegui

Position: 27° 49.2’ N 115° 36.0’ W

Weather: Partly overcast, with brisk winds and cool temperatures

It was a slow, relaxing morning. After breakfast, I attended a very interesting talk by Brent, our onboard ornithologist, about the impact of humans on bird populations, focused specifically on islands, and more to the point on a particular type of Storm-petrel that was thought extinct in New Zealand for 150 years until its recent re-discovery.

This was followed by the last installment of Christian’s International Enquirer entitled: “The International Enquirer and Mexico Post’s Review of Our Journey”. A funny take on all sorts of strange, bizarre, or otherwise overlooked details of the places we visited during this voyage, as seen through the eyes of our strange but otherwise very pleasant anthropologist.

The ship’s bridge was open for visitation in the afternoon, as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow, thanks to the Captain’s good graces. At one point, announcements were made when several of us saw a huge pod of common dolphin feeding. Hundreds of them were swimming in what seemed like a vast circle and jumping – sometimes tens of them at a time – while a small pod of Pilot Whales also partook in the feast.

This evening was the Captain’s Farewell Cocktail Party held in the cozy atmosphere of the Panorama Lounge, and dinner with an added display of on-site cooking by the galley’s staff for our enjoyment.

After this, some of us finished the night in the Panorama Lounge enjoying cocktails and listening to Daryl’s music.