Day 10 |
Sep 26, 2008

Bahia Magdalena - At Sea

By Ignacio Rojas

Noon position: 24°32’ N 112°14’ W

Noon air temperature: 34° Celsius / 93° Fahrenheit

Weather: Sunny with clear skies

The Prince Albert II entered Magdalena Bay before sunrise. The Bay located in the West Coast of Baja California Sur is known for the abundance of Gray Whales that breed during the month of January. During the month of September, it is possible to see dolphins in the area as well as marine birds like cormorants, pelicans and frigatebirds.

Our destination of the morning was Bahia Almeja, south of Bahia Magdalena. The Prince Albert II anchored in the protected waters of the bay and we started our morning with a lecture from Dr. Bob Rubin entitled “Flying Carpet and Ebony Silk”. Dr. Rubin has 30 years of research experience on the study of Manta Rays, however data on the biology and natural history of this animal is at best patchy due to their low population.

Christian Walter presented a fascinating talk about Easter Island. Living on Easter Island for many years, Christian has first-hand insights about the culture and the history of this enigmatic place off the coast of Chile.

Still during the morning we sailed away from Bahia Almeja. While en route to the narrow passage leading to the Pacific Ocean, a group of common dolphins approached the ship and escorted us away from Bahia Magdalena.

Our afternoon program included a demonstration of food and wine pairing with Executive Chef Sean Emslie and Head Sommelier Karolina Deric. Robin West presented our last lecture for the day on the history and refit of the Prince Albert II. During our recap in the late afternoon, we learned about the adaptations that permit dolphins to produce noise to communicate and locate and hunt for food. We reminisced about our encounters with the sea lions in Los Islotes while viewing the underwater photographs by Richard Harker, and laughed with the newest edition of the Enquirer edited to perfection by Christian Walter’s sense of humor.

The day was not finished yet; tonight we gained an extra hour as we changed time zones sailing north. This allowed us an extra hour to enjoy participating in another night of the “Liar’s Club” game, which was lots of fun as we tried to discover who was giving the correct definition of some unusual words.