Day 7 |
Sep 07, 2008

Sailing the Caribbean Sea, En Route to Panama

By Ignacio Rojas, Naturalist

Noon Position: 16°33’ N; 083°56’ W

Weather: Skies partly clouded

Noon air temperature: 30° Celsius

Wind: SE force 3 to 4

After our busy days of excursions in Mexico and Belize, we had a chance to enjoy a relaxing day at sea onboard the Prince Albert II sailing through the Caribbean towards our next destination: the San Blas Islands in Panama.

This was an excellent chance to continue with the onboard lecture series on the biology and history of the areas we are visiting during this voyage. I started the morning with the talk “See You Later Alligator…” describing the evolution, adaptations and life-cycle of one of largest modern living reptiles of the world. JJ Apéstegui presented more interesting facts during his talk “Coral Reefs”, regarding the organisms that shape these intriguing organic structures.

We finished our morning with a delicious “Martini Tasting” session lead by Head Sommelier Karolina and a skillful “Ice Carving” demonstration with Executive Chef Sean Emslie.

During the early afternoon, the navigational bridge of the Prince Albert II was open for visitations, and we learned about the command center of this magnificent expedition vessel.

To prepare us for the upcoming transit of the Panama Canal, Christian Walter offered a talk on the history, predicaments and solutions found to build this waterway that links the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, shortening the sea journey around the southern end of South America, facilitating transportation and trade in the world.

We completed our day at the evening recap in the company of our Expedition Team with a briefing on the next day’s activities by Suzana Machado D’Oliveira, our Expedition Leader.