Day 15 |
Sep 15, 2008

Sailing the Pacific Coast of Mexico

By Ignacio Rojas, Naturalist

Noon Position: 15°06’ N; 093°23’ W

Weather: Mostly clear skies, with very few clouds

Noon air temperature: 30° Celsius/86° Fahrenheit

Early morning we had the first sightings of dolphins and turtles. A few birds approached the ship but did not stay with us for too long. However we continued to see turtles swimming and resting at the water’s surface until the afternoon.

On today’s lecture program, Brent Stephenson discoursed on the possible causes of extinction of species, pointing out, however, that sometimes species considered extinct are found again.

Next, our Executive Chef Sean Emslie and Sommelier Karolina Deric enlightened us on the fine art of matching food with wine to enhance the dining experience of our meals.

During the mid-afternoon, Suzana Machado briefed us on the options for Huatulco, Mexico, our next port of call, calling our attention to the Mexican celebration of independence from Spain. We can expect to find many people enjoying this very important holiday when we visit the town.

The briefing was followed by Christian Walters’ presentation. He divided his afternoon lecture in two. He first showed us some of the images he captured with his camera in Antigua, Guatemala, and explained how and why he chooses the subjects for his photographs. For the second part, he educated us on the history and landscape of Easter Island.

Tonight, Captain Fabien Roche invited all the guests to a Farewell Cocktail Party where he introduced the crew of the Prince Albert II and rewarded the “crewmembers of the month” for performing their duties with excellence. We finished our night with yet another superb dinner as we continued sailing towards Huatulco, Mexico in the – so far – very smooth Pacific Ocean.