Day 13 |
Sep 13, 2008

En Route to Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

By Claudia Roedel, Biologist/Divemaster

Noon Position: 11° 06’.6 N, 087° 33.3’ W

Weather: Hot day, calm seas with clear skies

Today was a beautiful, sunny day. Already during breakfast we could see some seabirds flying around the ship, chasing flying fish. Most of them were Brown Boobies. We also saw some green turtles swimming in the green waters. Some members of our Expedition Staff were out on deck, to give explanations and to photograph the spectacle.

It was nice to have a day at sea to relax, and increase our knowledge. Robin West gave an interesting presentation, talking about the history presentation on the history of the Prince Albert II (formerly the World Discoverer) and the refit it went through after having been acquired by Silversea Cruises. Later in the morning, I gave a presentation about the Mangroves. This is a remarkable ecosystem that is tolerant to salt water and occurs throughout the tropics whenever conditions are appropriate. I included some slides of plants and animals that we saw yesterday at Puerto Quepos.

During the afternoon we had some fun activities. The bridge was open to visitors, and some guests took advantage of this to learn about the ship’s command center. Nadia hosted a Trivial Pursuit quiz with the help of Ignacio and Christian. The questions focused on this trip and competition was quite fierce.

After tea, Suzanna gave a briefing about the excursions planned for the port of Huatulco, Mexico, where we will be in a few days. Then, at 17:00, we joined Head Sommelier Karolina for an educational and entertaining Wine Tasting.