Day 4 |
Jun 15, 2008

Day At Sea

By Jarda Versloot

Today started of with a soft wake up announcement from our Expedition Leader, Brad, to inform us of the position of the ship and the weather forecast for the rest of the day.

After breakfast, we were invited to the Theatre on Deck 6 where our onboard photographer, Sharon Schaffer, gave an informative workshop on photography entitled: “The Art of Seeing”.  In this presentation, Sharon explained that a good photograph is most dependent upon seeing and making sound choices in composition.  Even if with just a small point and shoot camera, these basic guidelines that Sharon described will definitely help us to capture memorable photographs during the rest of our voyage.

After a cup of coffee, we joined the Expedition Team for a Zodiac briefing.  Our Expedition Leader informed us with great enthusiasm what we could expect during the Prince Albert II’s adventurous Zodiac operations, but emphasized that safety always comes first.   After this briefing, we all felt excited as we walked toward the Reception area to find a sturdy pair of gum boots in the Changing Room.  These boots will sure come in handy for our wet landings and upcoming Zodiac cruises.

Soon enough it was time for yet another meal.  Some of us enjoyed lunch in our comfortable parkas on the Sun Deck where we were entertained by soaring birds.  Ornithologist Brent pointed out the first sightings of Puffins.  We saw plenty of Gannets, Guillemots and lots of other feathery friends. 

With our tummies full, we had the pleasure of listening to the onboard historian, Christian Walter, for a lecture entitled “European Voyages of Discovery”.  In this lecture, Christian went into more detail about the period of intense exploration by the explorers that shaped the world we know today.

Our afternoon moved on and we enjoyed relaxing to the sounds of pianist Daryl over a nice cup of tea in the Panorama Lounge.  We soon made our way up again to the Theatre where the lecture staff recapped yesterday’s tours in Newcastle.  Expedition Leader Brad then briefed us on tomorrow’s activities in Lerwick.  Even Captain Uli Demel attended the briefing, thus we had the honour to have the Master of the Prince Albert II with all of the experience that he has, inform us of different options in Lerwick.  The Captain also gave us a brief glimpse of what we might see in the near future of this Silversea ExpeditionSM as he showed off his beautiful tie with a polar bear! Our first sighting!

Before we knew it, it was already time to make our way to the Restaurant to enjoy the Chef’s masterwork.  This was definitely a typical relaxing day at sea.  We slept, we ate, we soaked up information, and finally we went to bed early as tomorrow promised another exciting day with a 6 am start.