Day 11 |
Jun 22, 2008

Day At Sea

By Stefan Kredel, Geologist

It is a day at sea, Sunday. Yesterday was the beginning of summer on the northern hemisphere and it was also the longest day of the year. But that didn’t matter too much in these high latitudes we are sailing in the moment. There are 24 hours of daylight, as the sun isn’t sinking beneath the horizon. So, the sun had its highest point above the horizon at any given time yesterday compared to the rest of the year, including at midnight (as we have here midnight sun in the moment). But as mentioned, it was not really a big issue about the longest day of the year in the area we are sailing. But still a lot of us used the opportunity for a late breakfast. So probably some of us stayed awake until midnight to see the sun moving again upwards before even hitting the ocean / horizon.

Our first point on the Chronicles, our daily program, was a lecture given by Sharon Schafer about photography. She showed us many of the photos she has been taking during our trip. She explained to us what is important for a good composition of a photo and demonstrated with various photos of the same motive. With some, she followed the rules and others she didn’t, and it was easy to see the difference.

After the lecture, there was the first possibility on our trip to visit the bridge and have a look at all the instruments there and ask the nautical officers about their work. For those who missed this opportunity before lunch, there was a second time later the afternoon where the guests were allowed to visit the bridge.

After lunch, Brent Stephenson gave us a very interesting talk about birds and their “Extinctions and Re-Discoveries”. He mainly focused on the New Zealand Storm-petrel, as he was heavily involved in the rediscovery of those birds within just the last few years.

Our daily recap started with some photos from Sharon of the last days. Then it became a precap, as there was not too much to recap about on that sea day. Christian Walther was talking about the history of Longyearbyen, our port of call for tomorrow. And our Expedition Leader, Brad Rhees, gave us an overview of all activities and possibilities for the next day in the most northern city (just above 2000 inhabitants) on the globe.

During dinner, we were informed that the soccer game Spain – Italy would be broadcast in The Theatre. Many of the Italian crew members were not too happy with the result. Later there was “Showtime” on the program. The Expedition Team invited us to the Liars Club in the Panorama Bar. It was not too easy to say who of the four “experts” was telling a lie or the truth. After that, a lot of us went to bed as we were loosing an hour in the upcoming night to be back in the Norwegian time zone.