Day 5 |
Oct 13, 2013

Los Roques, Venezuela

By Marco Favero, Lecturer

Co-ordinates: 11°56’06”N, 66°40’27”W
Weather: Sunny with scattered clouds
Air Temperature: 29ºC
Pressure: 1006 hPa
Wind: 15 knt

Early in the morning I quickly grabbed a cup of coffee and jumped on a zodiac to prepare the landings in Los Roques, an archipelago of some 350 islands and islets located 130 km (80 mi) north to the port of La Guaira in Venezuela and declared National Park in the year 1972. The weather was already hot when we started and the wind was blowing some 15 knots, making the ride quite bumpy. 

Disembarkation of guests started at 08.30h with a quick ride to the island of Gran Roque and the exploration of the town by foot and a walk up hill to a lighthouse built in the 1800’s. Guests said that the views from the top were spectacular and the town visit interesting. I spent my morning driving zodiacs while the weather was building up a bit. Some of our guests rather opted for a relaxing morning in the other landing site planned for today at Madriski Kay, a spot with turquoise warm waters, lovely beach, and nice refreshments, drinks and ceviche served by the locals.
In the early afternoon the beach at Madriski was very popular, some guests preferred swimming, others snorkeling and few opted for a nature walk interpreted by some of the expedition staff. I spent the entire afternoon in the beach as well, nothing to complain with the exception of the heat and side effects of the sun in my skin. This will fade away tomorrow though, during the day at sea sailing towards Colombia.
Everyone was back aboard at 17.30h and recap and briefing took place out on deck with music played by Lou. It was an excellent day in Venezuela and certainly looking forward to visit Santa Marta and Cartagena, our forthcoming stops in the Caribbean.