Day 2 |
Oct 03, 2013

Jost van Dyke, B.V.I.

By Patricia Silva, Ornithologist

Co-ordinates: N 18º30', W 64º32'
Weather: Sunny with scattered clouds and rain showers
Air Temperature: 29ºC, 84ºF
Pressure: 1011 hPa
Wind: 5 knots

I woke up early in the morning and saw through the window a flock of Brown boobies flying close to Silver Explorer. I went out right away to find that those boobies were actually preying on flying fish. In a few minutes, some guests and part of the Expedition Team managed to see a couple of successful attacks!

During the morning our anthropologist aboard, Dr Claire Allum, offered an interesting lecture entitled, “People of the Caribbean,” covering the history of the islands since ancient times. According to plan, around noon we arrived at Jost van Dyke, a beautiful island of only 3 square miles and the smallest of the four main islands in the British Virgin Islands.

After lunch, I went ashore with other Expedition Team members to lead a nice walk of about 1h30m. Our botanist, Hans Peter Reinthaler, and naturalist, Chris Cutler, offered an interpretation of the vegetation along the road. I spent most of my time spotting beautiful birds such as the Gray kingbird, the Pearly-eyed thrasher and the very active and colourful Bananaquit. I pointed out magnificent frigatebirds up in the sky to the guests.

Some of the guests opted for a ride on a catamaran with some snorkelling and swimming. My friends and colleagues going there told me that the expedition was very interesting and great fun with the local guides. They saw beautiful reefs and underwater wildlife, plus a group of Brown pelicans fishing close to our spot.

The day finished on a sandy beach called White Bay, from where I took a zodiac ride back to Silver Explorer. I then took a quick shower to get ready for the Captain’s welcome dinner hosted by Captain Maggy Ettlin. All in all, a fantastic day of expedition in the Virgin Islands.