Day 5 |
Sep 12, 2013

At sea, en route to Nuuk, Greenland

By Sue Flood, General Naturalist & Wildlife Filmmaker

Co-ordinates: 64° 51’ N – 53° 17’ W
Weather: Overcast with low cloud cover
Air temperature: 3°C, 37°F
Wind: 21 knots
Pressure: 1005 hPa

Today was a full day at sea, with some considerable swell and low cloud cover, which gave guests a chance to enjoy some excellent lectures and presentations.

First for the day was an excellent and comprehensive lecture given by Climatologist Claudia Holgate who gave, “An Introduction to the Arctic and its Climate”.

There was then an emergency drill for the crew only, which ran like clockwork.

This was followed by a cooking demonstration given by Chef Grant, where he demonstrated some very useful techniques which included jointing a chicken, vegetable preparation and initial stages of cooking beef tenderloin.

In the afternoon, some guests enjoyed the movie On the Ice in the lecture theatre. Midway through the afternoon there was a Team Trivia session in the Panorama Lounge lead by our Ornithologist Chris Harbard which was well attended. Chris said he had been rather devious when devising some of the questions and I have to agree!

The last lecture for the day was given by Franz Bairlein entitled, “Fascinating wanderers: principles of bird migration.” In this lecture he provided a wonderful insight into the mysteries of bird migration and introduced some of the groundbreaking research around his studies of the migration mechanisms of selected species, in particular the wheatear, which we had been lucky to observe in Sisimiut the other day!

In the evening I enjoyed a very pleasant dinner with guests with whom I’d travelled three years previously in Svalbard.

The seas were smoother as we travelled along the west Greenlandic coast towards Nuuk, and I retired for a good night’s sleep.