Day 11 |
Sep 04, 2013

At sea

By Dr Colleen Batey, Archaeologist

Co-ordinates: 64° 09’ N – 55° 07’ W
Weather: Overcast with low cloud cover
Air temperature: 5° C, 41°F
Wind: 24.5 knots
Pressure: 995 hPa

A full sea day, with heavy seas and low cloud cover provided an opportunity to catch up on the lecture programme for the voyage.

The first lecture of the day was titled “Ice on the Rocks – The cool world of glaciers”, and was given by Juan Carlos Restrepo, one of our geologists onboard. This provided an excellent introduction to the world of the glaciers and their impact on the landscape surrounding us throughout our odyssey.

Juan’s lecture was followed by a cooking demonstration given by Chef Grant, where he tempted us with both gnocchi and duck breast recipes. Fortunately, this was just before lunch!

In the afternoon, Karolina Karas, one of our bear guards, gave a fascinating presentation titled “Going North”, which profiled a dog-sledding expedition to the North Pole she took part of in 1997.

The last lecture for the day was given by Franz Bairlein, titled “Fascinating wanderers: Principles of bird migration”. In this he provided a wonderful insight into the mysteries of bird migration, and introduced some of the ground-breaking research from his studies of the migration mechanisms of selected species.

The day’s lectures were punctuated by a Team Trivia session lead by Stefan, which caused some degree of hilarity.

As we lurched towards the west Greenland coast, our thoughts turned to the landing in Nuuk, and the welcoming of its harbour.