Day 2 |
Aug 08, 2013

At sea

By Uli Kunz – Oceanographer and Zodiac-Driver

Co-ordinates: 63°41’ N, 22°09’ E
Water temperature: 8 °C, 46.4 °F
Air temperature: 10.6 °C, 51.2 °F
Air pressure: 995 hPa
Wind speed: 55 km/h

The North Atlantic Ocean showed us some of its power in the morning with strong winds for our day at sea. The Silver Explorer continued sailing through the southern end of the Denmark Strait, following the East Greenland Current. The East Greenland Current brings cold water from the Arctic Ocean into areas further south, and is also responsible for the occurrence of big icebergs south of Greenland.

After breakfast, we gathered in the theatre for a series of lectures.

Our ornithologist, Claudia, presented an introduction to birds in the Arctic. She showed us pictures of the birds we are likely to see during our voyage, and talked about their interesting habitats and adaptations to their life in the extreme environment of the Arctic. Behind the ship, the Northern Fulmars were already soaring high and keen birders could use the chance to observe them under an overcast sky.

Shortly after, the Vikings made it onto the stage – our historian Peter took us back in time to learn interesting facts about those legendary bearded warriors who probably never wore a helmet with horns attached to it. History seems to forget the stories of those bold explorers who discovered Greenland and America centuries before Columbus. Iceland was colonized by people from mainland Scandinavia who came with little boats that we would never think to be seaworthy for such a long voyage over the North Atlantic.

In the afternoon, Robin, our expedition leader, invited all guests for our mandatory Zodiac briefing. This briefing serves as an overview of the guidelines and rules we follow in order to transport everyone ashore during our Zodiac operations.

Valuable information and good advice for landscape and wildlife photography came from our photographer, Richard. He presented some of his stunning pictures and talked about his ideas for the shot and the settings on his camera to get that result. A wealth of knowledge for beginners, amateurs and professional photographers at the same time!

The guests eagerly anticipated the photo opportunities that tomorrow would bring.