Day 4 |
Jun 07, 2013

Afternoon & evening at Trondheim, Norway

By Luciano “Luqui” Bernacchi, Birder, Glacier Guide

Co-ordinates: N 63º 25' 47", E 10º 23' 36"
Weather: Partially cloudy, light rain.
Air Temperature: 11,4ºC.
Pressure: 1011 hPa.
Wind: 10 km.

The Silver Explorer was making her way towards Trondheim, the third largest town in Norway with a population of about 170,000 and also the site of the old capital of the country. Our ETA was just after lunchtime, so we had a morning at sea.

After some breakfast, I got ready for the first lecture of our voyage; I had to present “Birds of our Voyage, and an insight of the Alcid family”, at 10.00 AM. With more than 80 guests joining in the theatre, I started my lecture with descriptions, and information on the birds we might encounter in the next days, the ones we had already seen and particularly some interesting details on Guillemots, Razorbills, Puffins, all members of the Alcids, or Auk family. This group of birds is iconic of the North Atlantic waters and coasts we are travelling through, just like penguins represent the southern oceans.

After the lecture, I joined some guests on deck and enjoyed the scenery plus the occasional bird as we entered the fjord and approached Trondheim. Lunch followed and most of the conversation was about yesterday’s experience during our first Zodiac Cruise along the bird cliffs at the Isle of Runde, near Alesund, and the great views we had of one of the largest raptors, the White-Tailed Eagles.

For the afternoon, we had two options for our guests to choose, a city tour of Trondheim and the Nidaros Cathedral, and a hiking outing nearby at Bymarka. I was appointed to join the hiking groups together with three other colleagues. The buses left and after a short ride to the trailhead, and we started the walk. I always enjoy walking and hiking in various types of terrain and habitats, this time is was birch and spruce woodland in a ski area, and as we gained altitude the views over town and the fjord became very good, fortunately the light rain of the earlier hours disappeared and it actually got sunny and much warmer while on the walk. Willow warblers and their calls caught the attention of the birders in the group; we also spotted Pied Wagtails, fieldfares, Chaffinches, and a few other species.

Overall the walk was very good, and as we returned to town, the coach went for a small city tour and a stop at the Nidaros Cathedral. This 12th century church is one of the finest gothic buildings in Scandinavia. Many guests chose to walk back to the Silver Explorer. I had some free time to walk around town and follow the water’s edge of the Nidelva River and the fjord to find my way back to port.

As usual, a lovely dinner in The Restaurant was a good ending of another exciting day exploring the Norwegian Fjord as we make our way north to the Svalbard, and the beginning of the Arctic season.