Day 1 |
Oct 13, 2012

Accra, Ghana

By Kara Weller, Biologist

Co-ordinates: 05° 25’ N, 0° 02’ E
Weather: sunny and hot
Air temperature: 28° C

Travelling from many destinations to join the Silver Explorer at her berth in Accra, all new guests came onboard in the afternoon and hastened to unpack and settle into their welcoming suites. Six guests stayed on board from our last voyage and spent the day exploring Accra. Once all were onboard, the mandatory safety briefing took place and all crew and guests marched out to the lifeboats wearing their life vests. This was followed later by an introduction to some of the department heads as well as expedition staff. Robin, our Expedition Leader, gave a briefing about our plans for the next days.

In the evening we released our mooring lines and sailed away into the African darkness.

The welcoming Restaurant and culinary offerings rounded off the arrival day in a suitably wonderful way.