Day 8 |
Oct 10, 2012

At Sea

By Patricia Silva Rodriguez, Ornithologist

Co-ordinates: 3º 31’N, 4º 50’E
Weather: cloudy and sporadic showers
Air Temperature: 25ºC, 78ºF
Sea Temperature: 23 ºC
Pressure: 1011 hp
Wind: 20-25 knots

I woke up to very cloudy skies and gently rolling sea swells with a nice smooth wind. Silver Explorer was sailing from Cameroon towards Benin. It was again another peaceful day At Sea, a time to catch up after the long-haul travel and also with many activities on board. Breakfast was a leisurely affair lasting till 10.00 am.

At mid-morning Claire Allum (Archaeologist) and Olga Stravakis (Anthropologist) gave an incredible combined lecture about West African Gods and Ancestors. Both showed amazing images of carved wooden statues and masks, addressing a lot of information about the use in the voodoo rituals. They also showed how these religious objects have inspired European abstract art.

The day at sea continued as we joined Executive Chef Janine for a cooking demonstration at the Panorama Lounge. The presentation entitled “Secrets from the Grill” gave everything that you must know to surprise your friends with BBQ and delicious ribs at home.

During the morning several seabirds were observed, a skua and several sooty shearwaters slicing over the water.

In the afternoon our marine biologist Kara Weller offered a lecture entitled “Conservation Biology: Principles and Practice”. The lecture dealt with topics like how conservation works, what conservationists do with different issues in many communities of the planet. Kara was also given examples of projects that have gone wrong in areas that we are visiting in West Africa.

After the Tea Time and entertaining Team Trivia hosted by Stephan Kredel (Geologist), we joined Expedition Leader Robin West for a destination briefing followed by a presentation of the final photo/video “West Africa Culture Adventure” made and presented by Ray Stranagan

In the evening we all dressed in our best attire and attended the Captain’s Farewell Cocktail Party where the Officers and all the expedition staff had the opportunity to say goodbye to our happy guests, and then enjoy a excellent Captain’s Farewell Dinner.