Day 4 |
Sep 19, 2012

At Sea

By Christian Walter, Historian

Co-ordinates: 21° 12’ N, 19° 19’ W
Weather: partly overcast

The day started with a leisurely breakfast- days at sea do not have to begin too early….

Our first lecture of the day was given by Patricia Silva, our Uruguayan ornithologist: “Birdwatching –The Pleasure of Birding”. It was attended quite well. Patricia is very fond of our Audubon Bird Book –weighing in at a few pounds- and showed how birdwatching evolved and what kind of devices and books can and should be used if you are seriously thinking of observing birds. Her final words were that it is quite easy to watch birds, and one can most easily start at home.

Equally as easy was the wine tasting with Javier, our Uruguayan sommelier, who spoke about the influence of the weather on wine production. While more than 20 guests attended his wine seminar, others were drinking bouillon and watching the DVD done earlier this year in South Georgia and Antarctica.

After a soup and mixed Paella I headed back to my suite, to go over the slides of my talk about “Early Portuguese Voyages of Exploration”. Despite the fact that the 2 o’clock slot for lectures is considered a difficult one –lunch and darkness tend to let one drop off into sleep- the Theater was well visited and with the help of our Bar-Team everyone’s wishes in regard to drinks were covered.

At Tea-Time Hans Peter gave our first Team Trivia Quiz, and the winner had 13 correct answers!

Because of the First-Timer Cocktail to be held at 7 p.m. our Recap & Briefing started much earlier today than normal. Since we had not been able to have a session yesterday –Stefan, Claire, Kara and I summed up our impressions or answered questions regarding Dakhla, the desert and camels.

While the Venetian Society Members (returning Silversea guests) could have their cocktails in the Panorama Lounge, some 16 “First-Timers” gathered in the Observation Lounge. An animated conversation about the different reasons for coming on this cruise and/or this ship was briefly interrupted by Jarda, who explained the Silversea product, and the benefits one can obtain while travelling on Silversea ships.

Marcello, our Maitre d’, Birgit, our Hotel Manager, and even Captain Adam Boszek, apart from the whole expedition team, were present and part of the conversation.

It seemed that days at sea involved only food and drinks, since dinner was being served when the first First-Timers left the cocktail party. As a bonus it had been mentioned that (weather permitting) one could sign up for a “Dinner Under the Stars”. This way The Restaurant would be able to almost guarantee tables for two or four to all our guests.
Dinner was not only tempting, but very tasty and we could retire (via the Panorama Lounge and a late-night drink) knowing that another hour was given to us during our sleep: heading west to the Cape Verde Islands we had to turn the clocks back.