Day 16 |
Oct 01, 2012

At Sea

By Stefan Kredel, Geologist


Co-ordinates: N 04º19'51", W 04º41'46"
Weather: sunny
Air Temperature: 27°C
Pressure: 1015 hPa
Wind: calm

“Day at Sea” was the title of today’s Chronicles newsletter. We were still en route to Takaradi, Ghana, where we will arrive tomorrow morning. So even though there was no need to get up early, I got up at 07:30. When I entered The Restaurant at 08:00 for breakfast, I met quite some of my colleagues. HP, Kara, Patri and later Claire showed up as well. From the guests only very few were around. But it made sense as it was their holiday, and for most of them the second to last day of it. Though 25 guests will remain on board the Silver Explorer for the next cruise.

At 10:00 Claire had the talk of the day, entitled “Doing Archaeology in the Asante State”. She told us about her personal experiences when she, years back, did archaeological fieldwork in Ghana. On some of her slides it was hard to recognize her, as she herself admitted. Beside the aim and the results of the project, she explained how projects were done in those days, including the importance of “schnapps”.

Afterwards the Hotel Department had another demonstration of their secrets. Today it was our pastry chef Helena, all the way from Malaysia, who showed us her secrets about how to make some of those superb dessert that we are offered here every day.

Lunch was with music today. Our onboard musician Lou played well-known melodies in The Restaurant.

After lunch it was movie time. The movie “Cobra Verde” was shown. It is a movie about the slave trades between Africa and the former Portuguese colonies in today’s Brazil. The main part is taking place at the castle Elmina, our visit tomorrow. The main character of the movie is acted by Klaus Kinski, a much-discussed German actor … I love and adore him! The director was Werner Herzog, who did a couple of well-known movies with Kinski. “Cobra Verde” was the last time they worked together. Obviously the hotel department delivered popcorn!

Afterwards at tea time we had our last Team Trivia of this trip. Today Claire was the host. Her questions were all about things we saw and / or heard on this trip. Even I did a team with HP and Patri together, we couldn’t answer all of her partly tricky question correctly. But anyhow, it was a lot of fun to review our trip that way.

In the early Recap & Briefing Robin explained tomorrow’s two different tour options.
The next event was the Captain’s Farewell Cocktail Party. And it was not only time for Captain Adam Boczek to say officially goodbye to our guests, it was also time for him to say goodbye to us. He will leave us in two days. He has been now three months on board and is going to his well deserved vacation.

Another well prepared and cooked dinner was served.