Day 6 |
Sep 07, 2012

At Sea: En Route to La Coruña, Spain 

By Dr Colleen Batey, Archaeologist

Co-ordinates: 47° 32’ N – 6° 32’ W
Weather: sunny
Air temperature: 17° C
Wind: 12 knots

Calm seas and sunny weather today as we cross the notorious Bay of Biscay en route for NW Spain. Today is a chance to relax, enjoy the onboard facilities and chat to friends old and new. A lecture by Gordon Corrigan concerning the Combined Operations 1940-45 provided a great introduction to activities initiated out of Dartmouth in the Second World War. The combining of the three services (army, navy and air force) in combined actions great success it was hoped to be.

At Executive Chef Janine’s well-attended cookery demonstration, she prepared four very different kinds of gravadlax. Could the kitchen staff possibly hear our stomachs rumbling as she showed her commensurate skills in food preparation? Well, it would seem so, as this event was closely followed by a buffet lunch celebrating British and Irish cuisine, which was greatly appreciated!!

The afternoon lecture was presented by Imogen Corrigan, entitled The Signs of the Times, in which she provided an interesting basic introduction to the symbolism portrayed in Medieval art and how the casual visitor can interpret the meanings hidden to a modern viewer, but well-understood to the Medieval population. Imogen’s talk was interrupted briefly as we answered the call to view two fin whales that were easily visible from the bow of the ship. Two schools of dolphins, including the distinctive striped dolphin, also passed our way during the afternoon.

The splendid Venetian Society Dinner was served in The Restaurant and with the beautiful setting sun and pink skies, our relaxing day came to an end.