Day 13 |
Sep 14, 2012

At Sea, en route to Arrecife

By Kara Weller, Biologist

Co-ordinates: 30° 30’ N – 11° 31’ W
Weather: sunny and clear
Air temperature: 23° C
Wind: 16 knots from NNE
Pressure: 1017 hPa

After a late return to the ship last night and a late dinner, it was nice to have a sea day today as it gave everyone a chance to sleep in and recover. It was once again a beautiful sunny day and relaxing on board was most enjoyable.

The lecture program started off with Gordon’s talk about life in Nelson’s Army. The Royal Navy was often described as being a very tough place to be and a rough life full of criminals and dangerous characters. Gordon clarified this and explained that life in the navy was not all that bad. He explained what life was like in wonderful detail and made us appreciate the very intricate way in which the Navy functioned. We were also given great insight into the character of Nelson.

Later in the morning Chef Janine put on a cooking demonstration in the Panorama Lounge in which she showed us how to easily (relatively speaking!) make a few very nice Moroccan dishes that looked beautiful, tasted delicious and could easily impress company!

Lunch was followed by a marvelous ice cream social out on the back sun deck in the warm sunshine.

The next lecture took place in the early afternoon and this one was by Hans-Peter, our botanist, who gave us a talk entitled “Jewels of the Atlantic” in which he prepared us for our visit to the Canary Islands by describing the natural history – the fauna and flora of these amazing islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The high species diversity here includes many species that are found nowhere else and include odd things such as saucer plants, Teide vipers and giant lizards.

Our luck continued to stay with us as the sea remained calm all day. A slight breeze stirred the water and although it did increase in strength during the course of the afternoon it still created only very little swell, so the ride on board the ship was peaceful and easy.

As usual, in the evening Robin gave us a briefing regarding our plans for tomorrow and the expedition staff followed with yet another interesting recap. This took place slightly earlier than usual as tonight was our Captain’s farewell cocktail party and dinner. At the cocktail party the Captain made a speech and invited most of the members of the crew onto stage to be recognized for their hard work and efforts during our voyage.

But the trip isn’t over yet! Tomorrow is another day and should be an interesting one. We headed down to a fabulous dinner in The Restaurant as we watched the sun setting over the peaceful blue sea.