Day 11 |
Sep 12, 2012

At Sea 

By Hans-Peter Reinthaler, Biologist


Co-ordinates: 34°46´N, 09°33´W
Weather: sunny, slightly overcast
Air Temperature: 26° C

After a beautiful day in Lisbon, the Silver Explorer was on its way to our stop on the African continent: Safi in Morocco. Good weather and calm seas were the factors that characterized our day at sea, though there was not too much to see outside – no whales or dolphin and even a lack of sea birds.

The activities for our guests started in the morning with a lecture from my colleague Gordon. He gave an overview about the two wars against the pirates of the Barbary Coast (now the coasts of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya). The presentation also took a special focus on the US Navy, as these wars removed the centuries-old scourge of piracy and extortion and were the catalyst for the birth of the United States Navy and Marine Corps.

After a short break, the next lecture was Kara talking about “Whales of the Atlantic”. The lecture took an inside look on the various species that occur in the regions we are sailing through and gave an overview of the biology, lifecycles, and characteristics of these animals.

As the weather was sunny, no wind and calm sea, a delicious Spanish Lunch was served out on deck.

In the afternoon my colleague Imogen presented the next lecture entitled “Whose God is it Anyway?” She was talking about the art and architecture of the Islam and the difference between it and the western culture. The lecture also considered what Islam and Christianity have in common not just in their art forms.

In the Recap & Briefing my colleagues Gordon, Imogen, Kara and I spoke about Operation Torch, saints in Christianity, scallops and date palms respectively. Our Expedition Leader Robin West briefed the guests about our next stop: Marrakech in Morocco.

The day finished with a delicious dinner outside or in The Restaurant – wherever guests wanted to enjoy their evening on the Silver Explorer. Everyone was looking forward to the next exciting day on the African continent.