Day 1 |
Aug 19, 2012

Tromso, Norway – embarkation day  

By Robin Aiello, Marine Biologist

Co-ordinates: N 69º41'52", E 19º04'30"
Weather: Bright sunshine
Air Temperature: 8ºC
Pressure: 1007 hPa
Wind: 10 knots

Tromso again – hard to believe it has been 19 days since we were here last, but it has been, and we are saying hello to about 100 new guests who are joining us for this cruise south to Dublin.

The weather was beautiful and everyone came on board to check-in with smiles on their faces. By 4pm we were all aboard and gathered in The Theatre for our Mandatory Safety Drill. Robin West ran through the essential onboard safety issues, and then everyone donned their lifejackets and was led out to the Lifeboat Muster Station.

At 5:30pm we were all back in The Theatre for Staff Introductions, where the Heads of Departments were introduced. The Expedition Team members each took the stage, one by one, and introduced themselves.

The team consists of:
• Expedition Leader - Robin West
• Assistant Expedition Leader – Jarda Versloot-West
• Staff Assistant – Daniil Eltermann
• Staff Assistant in Training – Katherine Rannaste
• Botanist – Hans Peter Reinthaler
• Biologist – Kara Weller
• Geologist – Juan Carlos Restrepo
• Archaeologist – Colleen Batey
• Photographer – Richard Sidey
• And me…Marine Biologist - Robin Aiello

It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces of guests who had sailed with us previously. In fact, close to 75% of this group has sailed with the Silver Explorer at least once before!

The sun was still shining brightly as we sailed away from the Tromso dock and headed down to the bunkering station a few miles away. We were only here for a short time before heading off on our southern journey.